Make A Pizza For Dinner


Sometimes it can be great to stay in for dinner and make your own food creations. Everyone loves pizza right? For the ones who don’t, you might want to look into other food articles about what you can make at home. This can be a family affair, a solo act, or a one man show for your dog staring at you, waiting for you to drop some leftovers. Everything for a pizza can be bought at the store, but if you have fresh ingredients that’s great too! Start with a base – the dough or crust. I’m sure there are tons of easy recipes on the internet about how to make your own dough if you’re willing to give that a shot. After that’s ready to go you need sauce. Again, it is possible to make your own, but the stores have plenty of options. Spread on that pizza sauce nice and thick. Make sure no inch is left uncovered (unless you’re leaving room for crust of course).

Typically pizza comes with cheese. You can shred it, slice it, or just drop a whole chunk on there. Whatever floats your boat. You don’t necessarily need cheese, but in my opinion it’s quite crucial to the creation of an authentic pizza. Next you absolutely need toppings! The options are endless. You might want to try some meat, like chicken or pepperoni. Maybe even some pineapple or ham? Basically, choose anything you want. This is YOUR pizza so have fun with it! Don’t pay any attention to the people saying you have too little or too many toppings. It’s not their meal. Especially if you’re cooking with other people, it’s fun to experiment and explore with your taste buds.

It is possible to cook your pizza in the microwave (assuming it fits). The best place, however, is the oven if you don’t want to take any chances. Hopefully you know to make sure not to overcook it. There may be times when you don’t want to spend too much time cooking your meal so you stick to what you found in the frozen section. Frozen pizza can be just as delightful as fresh pizza. As long as you pick the right flavor of pizza, you’re golden. I’m pretty sure pizza still comes in bite sized, or at least smaller portions, these days if you’re just looking for a quick snack. If you’re home made pizza isn’t perfect then who cares? It’s your personal creation and if it’s edible then job well done. By no means is pizza a food to lose weight with but one thing I know for sure it is delicious.

Snacking and Relaxing The Right Way


It is recommended that people not eat food while they watch television. However, the reasons for this suggestion are not the result of some inherent connection between television and digestion, but rather that many people do not pay attention to the foods that they are consuming in front of the food. People like to eat junk food from their candy stash in front of the TV, and aren’t noticing their calorie intake while they do so. This can be avoided by a little bit of preparation and common sense.

A great time to snack in front of the television is during sporting events. Something about the pace of the game combined with the pleasant activity of eating is a very relaxing combination. However, most of the sports standbys are high calorie, low nutritional value disasters: wings, nachos, potato chips, etc. An alternative choice to these that I have come to love is unshelled edamame. The young soy beans are nutritionally dense, including 17 g of protein per cup, which makes it a filling snack. Furthermore, the process of eating the beans out of the shells naturally slows down your rate of consumption (and is quite a bit of fun).

There is nothing wrong with throwing down a high calorie meal in front of the television…you had just better be prepared for it and be conscious of what you’re consuming. A typical pizza contains about 2,100 calories, with most of the calories coming from fat and carbohydrates. That is an entire day’s worth of calories. On top of that, you would be consuming about 175 percent of your daily recommended saturated fat intake, which is the type of fat you should be trying to avoid. With that said, if you have been adhering to a proper diet and exercise regimen all week, and have spent the early part of the day in preparation (i.e., limiting calories), there is no reason you can’t enjoy half of a pizza as a cheat meal once a week.

However, my all time favorite meal to eat while watching TV is a sort of mini-spread, which takes a minimum of effort before the event. It’s important to not have anything too involved…no one is going to relax in front of the television while they’re cracking crab legs and trying not to drip butter on the sofa. On the other hand, a little bit of activity is nice because it slows down the eating process, giving your stomach time to get full before overeating. With this in mind, I like to cut some pita bread, and portion out some hummus for dipping. Additionally, I’ll slice some vegetables and prepare a low fat veggie dip, as well as a plate of fresh fruit. It’s a nice mix of sweet, savory, and fresh, it’s very filling, and it’s a healthy alternative to hot wings and nachos.

Lose Weight With These Foods


When it comes to losing weight, you need to consume less calories than you burn. There are some foods that will help you lose weight since they make you feel full for a long time and curb cravings. Below are tops foods that help lose weight.

Beans, Beans the Magical Fruit

Beans are versatile, cheap and filling. It is also a good source of proteins and contains high fiber and is slow to digest. This means that you are going to feel full for a long time which will stop you from eating more or all the time.

Soup to Nuts

Begin your meals with soup and you will end up eating less. It does not really matter if the soup is pureed or chunky provided it is broth based. You should keep the soup between one hundred and one hundred and fifty calories a serving.

Nuts are ideal for snacking. You should take a handful of peanuts, almonds or walnuts when going to work or school. Research indicates that when people eat on nuts, they will consume less meal later on.

Simply Fruits And Vegetables

Avoid apple juice or applesauce and instead opt for a crunchy apple. A whole fruit is going to blunt appetite in a way that sauces and juices cannot. One reason for this is the fact that raw fruits have more fiber. Chewing also sends signals to the brain that you have eaten something substantial.

Grapefruits can help you lose weight more so if you are at risk of diabetes. Drinking grapefruit juice is going to have the same effect and although it does not have any fat burning properties, it is going to make you feel full for a long time. However, you need to be careful when taking grapefruit juice when you are on some medication. It is therefore essential that you check the label on your prescriptions or talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

How To Build A Candy Stash


If you’ve got a sweet tooth you know how important it is to keep some candy on hand at all times. But, sometimes that candy bar or treat isn’t just for making your mouth happy, sometimes its needed for an emergency blood sugar boost or to provide a little sustenance until you can get to your next meal. That’s why those who love candy should put a little thought into what they needed to be keeping around – and some of the best things to include in a candy stash aren’t made of just pure sugar.


Those who love chocolate need to keep some handy, and some types of chocolate and chocolate candies are better than others. When it’s time to slow down and indulge, some dark chocolate with salted caramel. In fact, keeping dark chocolate around is better for you altogether, as there are proven health benefits from eating a small amount each day. You may also want keep a few bite –sized pieces of chocolate around – those which can satisfy a craving without swallowing a whole candy bar. You should also consider keeping some chocolate around that includes nuts, however, because nuts are filling and they contain nutrients and healthy fats, both of which can keep your appetite at bay until your next meal.

Something Sour

Nothing beats a little sour candy to get your mouth watering. Some sour gummies, jelly beans, or some sour hard candies like Jolly Ranchers often do the trick. Keeping sour candy around can hit that sweet spot, but you have to be careful not to eat too much! This kind of candy is very acidic, and in large doses can give you a real stomach ache, or even blisters on your tongue.

Hard… or Chewy?

A person’s candy stash should include things that are both hard and chewy, because you never know what kind of candy you’re going to crave. Chewy candy is a little more indulgent, and includes caramels and taffy, but hard candies are a great, longer-lasting treat. Sucking on a piece of hard candy can lower stress levels, and is a good substitute for gum when you have dental work that doesn’t accommodate it, as well as save you from a tired jaw. Hard candies are available in many flavors, including buttery caramel, coffee, sour fruit flavors, regular fruit flavors, and mints.

The bottom line is: people who love candy and need to keep a variety in their candy stash. It can only make you happier!

Best Place To Get Fresh Vegetables


Vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet as they provide many of the vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain good health. Current guidelines recommend that everyone eats between five and seven portions of vegetables each day.

Grow Your Own

What could be fresher than growing your own fruit and vegetables? This is something worth considering if you have a limited grocery budget. Even if you do not have a large garden, there are other options that allow you to do this. The first is to hire an allotment. This is a really enjoyable hobby for anyone who is green-fingered. For the less able gardener who does not want to commit to caring for an allotment, pots and window boxes are a great alternative that will allow you to grow a great variety of vegetables at home.

Direct from the Farm

If you live in a rural area, buying vegetables directly from the farm is one of the simplest options. It is also likely to save you money. This is because a store will always mark up the price to make some profit on what they have paid for the products from the farmer. You will be paying the farmer direct so will avoid this additional cost. Many farms will sell a variety of vegetables, but you may still need to visit several farms locally to get all the different types of vegetables you need.

Farmer’s Market

At a farmer’s market, the farmer showcases their finest produce. This is a fantastic place to get some excellent ingredients and you might have the opportunity to try before you buy at some stalls. The farmer brings their goods directly from the farm to the consumer and this means that you are guaranteed fresh vegetables. You might come across some vegetables that you would not normally buy in a store, so it is a chance to try something new that you might love and get creative with your cooking.

Local Greengrocer

Instead of shopping at a large store where the vegetables are less likely to be fresh, head to your local greengrocer. Not only will you find some great fresh produce, you will also be supporting smaller local businesses. Furthermore, shopping locally means you will save on travel costs.

These are just some of the places that you can get really fresh fruit and vegetables that will mean you get the best, tastiest and most nutritious ingredients for your family’s meals